Ukash Review - Accepting Online Casinos - Tips and Advice - How to Use

How to Use Ukash at Online Casinos

Ukash differs from other payment processors because its product is electronic cash. Like real cash, it can be spent anywhere that will accept it, and the company must approve merchants before they can take the vouchers. If a voucher has a value greater than the price of the purchase it is used for, "change" comes back in the form of a new voucher code for the difference.

UKash's greatest value is to people who are wary about using their credit or debit cards online, as there is no personal information attached to the vouchers. Users don't even have to register with Ukash to take advantage of its products, though there are extra features available to those who do.

Because the vouchers can be spent by anyone who knows the codes on them, there have been reports of scams involving people extorting or otherwise tricking others into giving up codes. Vouchers have to be protected like cash, and Ukash has had to educate users about scams that have been seen in various places.

For extra security, or to expand the number of places Ukash can be used, the company also offers the Ukash NEO prepaid MasterCard. These virtual cards (that is, the user doesn't receive a physical card) can be used for electronic transactions anywhere MasterCard is accepted – and that means many more places than accept Ukash vouchers. Getting one requires purchasing one or more Ukash vouchers, then entering the codes at the Ukash website. The card number is emailed to the purchaser, and the CVV2 is sent via text message.

Tips and Advice for Using Ukash

For obvious reasons, Ukash is only good for deposits and not withdrawals. Anyone choosing to make it their primary deposit method is still going to have to come up with a plan to cash out any winnings. There's also the security factor to keep in mind, so the best plan is to use codes as soon as they are purchased. On the plus side, there are literally hundreds of online casinos on the Ukash approved merchant list, meaning people who use the service may not have to switch to something else just because they change gaming sites.