Online Slots - Rules, Tips and Where to Play Online

How To Play Slots

No casino game is easier to play than slots, which may explain why they are the most popular form of gambling. Online casinos make things even simpler, sometimes requiring only a single click to make a wager and start the virtual reels spinning. There's no skill involved, but there are still decisions to be made. The most basic one is to find a machine with the desired denomination, as slots can be found requiring bets as small as a penny and as large as several hundred dollars per play. In addition, online slots often allow multiple credits to be wagered and up to several dozen paylines to be selected on every spin, so even the smallest denomination machine can be more expensive to play than it may first appear.

Once the reels are in motion, there's nothing to do but wait and see if winning combinations come up. Software that generates random numbers determines the outcome of each spin. Three or more matching symbols on an active payline are usually necessary to win, with rarer symbols paying out more than common ones and four or five symbols paying out more than three. Some symbols may be wild and able to substitute for any other symbols appearing on that payline. Scatter symbols can frequently be found that become winners when found on any reel, and most of today's machines also have special symbols that activate bonus rounds when three or more fall on a particular spin.

It's impossible to detail the wide variety of bonus rounds found on online slots, but suffice it to say that they come in many different forms. Prizes awarded during the bonus rounds can range from free spins on the regular reels to jackpots of thousands or even millions of credits. Some bonus games may appear to have an element of skill, but random number generators still determine the outcomes just as they do during normal slots play.

Slots Tips and Advice

Finding the right denomination to play is the most important aspect of choosing a slot machine online just as it is in a land-based casino. Lower denomination machines tend to be set to lower payback percentages – that is, they return less of the credits wagered to the players in the form of wins – so it makes sense for players to select the highest denomination that they can comfortably afford.