Online Scratch Cards - Rules, Tips and Where to Play Online

How To Play Scratch Cards

Everyone is probably familiar with physical scratch cards, also known as instant lottery tickets, scratch offs and scratchies in different colloquial talk. They represent the ultimate form of disposable gambling, quick, usually simple to understand and easy enough for anyone with a handy coin to play. People just have to scratch off the coating, check to see if they won anything and then redeem or throw them away as appropriate. The checking is even easier in the 21st century since tickets can be scanned to see if they are winners. Historically they've been played for low stakes, but more expensive scratch cards have gradually become more accepted over time.

Online scratch cards are even easier to play, if that's possible, because players don't even have to make a scratching motion. A simple click unveils the symbols without any metallic dust involved. The game software reveals any winnings, and then it's on to the next one. Scratch cards can and usually do come in a dizzying array of themes, much in the same way online slots do. Expect to see licensed scratch cards, generic themed scratch cards and everything in-between. And because they don't take a lot of processing power to render, scratch cards make ideal components of any casino's no download offerings. There are plenty of Flash and Java-based cards out there, and even entire casinos who have built their theme around them.

That goes for the rapidly expanding field of mobile real money gaming too. Scratch cards were almost meant to live on a smartphone screen with their size, shape and ease of use. This is an area of online gaming that is showing no signs of slowing down. Which come to think of it, could be said for scratch cards as well. To paraphrase a popular lottery mascot in the United States, people are going to keep on scratching.

Scratch Cards Tips and Advice

There's no strategy involved in playing scratch cards and thus, no secret wisdom to impart. Before buying in, make sure to figure out what symbols are winners and what the top prizes are. Even then, the casino software will make sure anything from a free ticket to a huge longshot jackpot is apparent. In a similar fashion to several other casino games, there is an element of game selection that weighs a small chance at a big prize versus claiming smaller prizes more often, with the latter school of thought winning out if prolonged entertainment is the goal. Mostly, though, it's about finding a scratch card game that feels fun since there are so many out there.