Online Roulette - Rules, Tips and Where to Play Online

How To Play Roulette

The roulette wheel features several dozen equally sized slots, including the numbers one through 36 and either one zero (usually found in European casinos) or a zero and a double zero (mostly found in the United States). The numbers are divided evenly between red and black, with the zeroes colored green. As the wheel spins in one direction, the dealer or croupier spins the ball in the opposite direction. Eventually the ball comes to rest on a single number, determining which wagers are winners and losers. In an online casino, the wheel and ball are strictly for show, with a random number generator deciding the outcome of each spin.

Roulette players usually place bets with chips of a single color whose denomination is decided before they begin. This makes it easier to see at a glance which players have made which bets. Wagers come in two general types: Inside bets, where players bet on a single number or group of numbers on the large portion of the playing field that contains the numbers, and outside bets, where players bet on large groups of numbers (like odd or even, black and red, and the columns of numbers) on the perimeter. The minimum bet at a roulette table refers to the sum of all bets placed on that spin. For example, a player can make five $2 bets on different numbers to satisfy the minimum at a $10 table. Payouts on winning bets range from even money for the color or even/odd bets to 35:1 for hitting a single number straight up.

In an online casino, placing wagers on roulette is usually as simple as clicking on the correct spot on the layout. Bets can be placed while the ball is already in motion, but as it begins to slow, the dealer will call out that no more bets are allowed. This process is carried out automatically online, with the game simply locking out any further wagering.

Baccatat Tips and Advice

For beginning roulette players, the game can be enjoyed by sticking to the outside bets that cover half the numbers at a time. These wagers provide something close to true odds, with the house gaining its edge only when a zero hits, making all non-zero bets losers. Other popular playing styles include making bets on two of the three columns or dozens bets or blanketing one section of numbers on the inside with many small bets, hoping to win multiple bets on the same number.