POLi Review - Accepting Online Casinos - Tips and Advice - How to Use

How to Use POLi at Online Casinos

POLi works with selected Australian and New Zealand banks to allow direct transfers from those banks' accounts without the need for a credit or debit card. The list of participating banks is extensive, though it is up to individual businesses to decide if they wish to allow payments through POLi. Since POLi is not an ewallet, there is no such thing as a POLi account and no requirement for registration of any kind.

Another unique feature of POLI payments is the ability to embed payment requests inside a merchant created URL address using the POLi Link system. The URL can then be placed in the body of an email or text message or inserted into a PDF file, where it can be clicked on to make payment. Most online casino transactions using POLi have no need to make use of this feature, however.

POLi has come under some scrutiny for perceived security loopholes stemming from the fact that users must download software allowing the service to fill out forms on their behalf, but the service providers take no responsibility for fraudulent charges that might arise if the service were to be hacked. POLi has attempted to address these concerns by submitting the service to outside examinations by Secure Assessments and VeriSign, and both companies have given POLi their seals of approval.

Currently, POLi can only be used by Window's based computers, but the company behind the service is said to be working on alternate versions, including one for mobile devices.

Tips and Advice for Using POLi

POLi's audience is limited to Australia and New Zealand, but it is a service to consider for players from those countries who want to fund their online casino gaming using their bank accounts. It's speed and lack of fees make it attractive provided one is comfortable with the security aspects. An alternate use to consider is to have POLi serve as a middle man between Neteller or Skrill accounts, keeping bank accounts insulated from the online casinos altogether, as both companies allow POLi payments as a method to reload balances.