Neteller Review - Accepting Online Casinos - Tips and Advice - How to Use

How to Use Neteller at Online Casinos

Neteller is primarily an online service that allows instant deposits to and withdrawals from gaming accounts in many situations. It does not lend out its customers money, keeping enough funds on hand at all times to pay out all balances if necessary.

The easiest way to use Neteller is to link it to a bank account in countries that allow it to do so. After linking, money can be transferred to an eWallet, where it retains an independent balance. Funded eWallets can then be used for instant deposits to online casino sites, in addition to other kinds of online merchants. There are numerous ways to fund eWallets that depend on location, though some do involve fees that can run as high as five percent. Accounts that remain inactive for more than 14 months also incur administrative fees.

Neteller also offers MasterCard-branded prepaid Net+ debit cards that can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. It also links to the eWallet account, so there must be funds present in the eWallet for it to be valid. Customers can also make Point Of Sale purchases with the Net+ card for no fee or make ATM withdrawals of eWallet funds with fees that vary by country. Net+ was also formerly available in virtual form strictly for internet transactions, but Neteller discontinued that service in early 2012.

Regular Neteller customers can benefit from several different loyalty programs. Reward points that accumulate at a rate roughly equal to one point for every U.S. dollar can be exchanged for merchandise or eWallet credits. Power users can find themselves in one of several VIP tiers, where the benefits include free withdrawals and dedicated customer service resources. A referral program even makes it worthwhile to get friends to sign up for Neteller services.

Neteller is active on a wide variety of social media networks. The company has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and dishes out more information on promotions and new features on its dedicated company blog.

Tips and Advice for Using Neteller

Making Neteller the preferred deposit and withdrawal method in countries it serves is a wise move, as it is accepted by a majority of online casinos. The rewards program is free, and using the eWallet on a regular basis keeps it from racking up administrative fees. Obtaining the Net+ debit card is also a good idea for anyone using Neteller, as withdrawing winnings to the eWallet and then accessing those funds by ATM is one of the fastest way to receive online casino winnings.