Online Keno - Rules, Tips and Where to Play Online

How To Play Keno

Playing keno is as simple as deciding how many numbers to play and how often. Online keno games are usually played in rapid fashion, allowing many games to be completed every hour. The specifics can vary from site to site, but players typically have the option to wager on as few as one number and as many as 20. Twenty numbers between one and 80 are drawn during each round of keno, meaning the odds of hitting all numbers in the player's wager decrease with the amount of numbers chosen. It is virtually mathematically impossible to go 20 for 20, so online casinos pay out small amounts for hitting certain percentages of the selected numbers if a player opts to pick the maximum of 20.

For online play, most casinos allow players to select a maximum of 15 numbers. Speed is the name of the game, and many aspects of online keno are designed with this in mind. There is no waiting period between games as in live keno, and players can easily choose to wager the exact same numbers over multiple games in many cases. If a player doesn't care about which numbers are wagered, some keno providers have options to randomly pick 10 numbers for the next game. The visual part of the game can be enhanced too, but this varies from casino to casino. Vegas Technology keno is known for its animation, while games offered by casinos based on Realtime Gaming's software are decidedly more bare bones when it comes to graphics and sound.

Keno games don't all use the same paytables, and this is true online as well. Typically, the differences in paytables are noticeable at the extremes, with some casinos spreading out the money fairly smoothly and others concentrating it at the top by making the payouts bigger for players who hit the most numbers.

Keno Tips and Advice

More superstitious players might disagree, but there's not much skill involved in picking a keno game nor much strategy involved in playing it. The random number generators used by online casinos eliminate the kind of biases that sometimes exist in keno games that have actual balls bouncing around for the number selections, so it doesn't do much good to see what numbers have been coming up in previous games. Mostly, the decisions made by online keno players come down to risk tolerance, as picking more numbers provides a chance to go for the biggest wins and picking less might be able to squeeze more play time out of a gambling bankroll with smaller but more frequent wins.