eCheck Review - Accepting Online Casinos - Tips and Advice - How to Use

How to Use eCheck at Online Casinos

In the simplest possible terms, an eCheck is an electronic representation of a physical check. It contains the same information as a paper check and is processed by the recipient and the sender's bank in the same way. The main difference is speed, as an eCheck can be completed and sent instantly instead of having to be physically mailed or delivered. Legally, it is also treated the same as a paper check, meaning the sender has the same responsibility to ensure it is backed up with proper funding.

Though an eCheck contains some banking information out of obvious necessity, there are technological safeguards built in to protect that data. Those include authentication, public key cryptography, encryption, digital signatures and duplicate detection. Because of these measures, eChecks have a reputation for safety, with some organizations feeling they are safer than using credit cards.

Using eChecks typically requires no extra effort on the part of the user. Some online gaming sites ask for the account and routing numbers used for eChecks once for verification purposes, after which an eCheck can be used to deposit funds without having to re-enter the information. Other casinos handle them in slightly different ways, but in most cases, deposits made by eCheck are available immediately even if it takes several days for the funds to officially be transferred from the checking account.

EChecks were one of the most common deposit methods in the US for online casinos and especially for online poker sites in the first part of the 21t Century. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act changed that quickly, with banks unwilling to risk legal action by allowing eChecks to be used for online gaming purposes. They remain a viable option in other parts of the world at the current time.

Tips and Advice for Using eCheck

EChecks are excellent for depositing money from bank accounts to online casinos that accept them. The process is fast and convenient, often taking only seconds to enter and process. They do require some financial discipline on the part of the user, as it could take several business days for the funds backing an eCheck deposit to actually be taken out of the attached account. Though proven to be safe, players who absolutely do not wish for their banking information to be included directly with online casinos in any way should investigate other deposit avenues.