Credit Cards Review - Accepting Online Casinos - Tips and Advice - How to Use

How to Use Credit Cards at Online Casinos

There's no such thing as a universal payment option when it comes to online casinos, but credit cards come closest to fitting that description (except for one notable exception, discussed below). It's a rare casino site that doesn't accept deposits made by Visa or MasterCard, and some also take American Express. Many casinos also allow withdrawals using the same cards; indeed, some insist that the same card be used in both directions. Credit cards also rank among the fastest ways to transfer money in and out since no bank accounts are involved.

The high acceptance rate of Visa and MasterCard cards also allows them to be used as workarounds for people who don't have or would rather not use actual credit cards. A variety of branded prepaid cards can be used at online casinos, though not necessarily be every site that takes credit cards. Check the specific policies of every establishment to avoid surprises.

There are several arguments against credit cards as well, primarily the same ones that could be raised about using them for any kind of purchase. The first is security and the fear of having credit card information, though online casinos have not proven any more vulnerable to this than any other type of merchant. The second negative is fees, which could be charged by the site, by the issuing bank or both. Finally, there are cases where a credit card deposit is accepted but still exceeds the card's limit.

The US is the one country where credit card use is problematic. Casinos that accept US players often list credit cards as a payment method, but the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has made most cards (since they are mostly issued by banks) unusable for real money gaming online. Americans can attempt to use a Visa or MasterCard but should not be surprised if they can't make deposits or withdrawals with it.

Tips and Advice for Using Credit Cards

Because credit cards are a valid payment method at so many online casinos, it's always a good idea to at least consider them for making deposits, especially since they make withdrawals from the same site easier. For people who would prefer not to use credit cards under any circumstances, checking to see if prepaid credit cards are usable is a smart alternative. Also, don't forget to check on the fee situation, as getting hit with unexpected fees is never fun.