Online Craps - Rules, Tips and Where to Play Online

How To Play Craps

Craps is one of the more complicated table games because of the large variety of wagers that can be placed at any time. Online casinos make this process somewhat easier by streamlining the betting process, but there is still a lot going on during every roll of the dice. At its most basic level, craps revolves around the person rolling the dice, or shooter, attempting to roll a specific number, or point, which is determined by the shooter's first roll. If the shooter hits the point before rolling a seven, many of the most popular craps bets pay off, and vice versa if a seven comes before the point is rolled. The social appeal of the game stems from the fact that all players at a table can bet on any roll, and since most people bet on the shooter succeeding, many people can win at once when multiple points re hit in succession.

The numbers two, three and 12 are called craps when they appear on the initial (or come out) roll, giving the game its name, and can't be set as points. They also make every player's first bet, called the pass line bet, a loser when they fall on the come out roll. Seven and 11 win immediately on the pass line on the come out roll, while the setting of any point means that the pass line bets stay out until the point or a seven is rolled. Another popular bet is called the come bet, which becomes a bet on the next number rolled if it isn't a seven, 11 or craps.

Many craps bets can be supported with additional wagers known as odds bets, providing players with additional ways to make money when a specific number is rolled. Odds bets have to be made in specific ratios to the original bets, though online casinos help automatically ensure those ratios are properly followed. The middle portion of a craps layout contains many exotic wagers that can be made at any time. Some are valid only for the very next roll of the dice, while others remain in effect until certain conditions are met. The result of each toss of the dice online is determined by a random number generator.

Craps Tips and Advice

Craps can be an intimidating game to learn, but one of the biggest fears for newcomers – the actual handling and tossing of the dice – isn't an issue in online casinos. The wagers in the middle of the table can be safely ignored until a greater comfort level is achieved, so beginners should focus on the pass line and come bets to start. If possible, the maximum odds should be placed on any bet that allows them, as craps is rare in that it offers true odds: If a bet has a 6:5 chance of winning, it actually pays out at 6:5.