Click2Pay Review - Accepting Online Casinos - Tips and Advice - How to Use

How to Use Click2Pay at Online Casinos

Signing up for a Click2Pay account requires an email address, bank account information and optional credit card information. Click2Pay provides the user with a password and personal account number (PAN), with the email address serving as a username. Click2Pay users are also rated on a six-star scale (with one being lowest and six highest) in terms of their perceived creditworthiness.

Using Click2Pay generally requires either the email and password or the PAN, and some merchants or casino sites will also ask about the payment method: credit card, bank account transfer or other. In most cases, authorized transfers take place instantly. Click2Pay uses current 128-bit encryption technology to secure all transactions, and account information provided to use the service is not shared with merchants who use it.

Click2Pay does charge fees for many types of transfers, especially those that involve credit cards. These fees vary by country and are listed at the Click2Pay website ( It's also important to note that even in countries where the use of Click2Pay is permitted, it is sometimes against the law and the company's policies for people under age 18 to use the service to carry out transactions.

Tips and Advice for Using Click2Pay

Because of the fees involved, Click2Pay should not automatically become a player's first choice payment processor in most cases. However if speed and security are primary concerns, the service has a reputation for reliability and safety. Some online casinos that accept Click2Pay for deposits will also make it the default withdrawal method once it is used for a successful deposit, so be sure to investigate whether that is the case.