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Australia has historically been an open-minded country when it comes to gambling. Land-based casinos have existed there for quite some time, and some polls have found that over three-quarters of its citizens take part in some form of wagering. Casino gaming and sports betting are regulated by both national and territorial government agencies.

Like the US, though, Australia's relationship with online gaming took a turn for the worse (from players' perspectives) with the passage of a single piece of legislation. In this case, it was the Interactive Gambling Act, which was signed into law by the Australian Parliament in the summer of 2001. The Act made it illegal for companies to offer or advertise real money gaming online to Australian citizens, with the feeling being that gambling over the internet would be too difficult to regulate or control. It did not retroactively close online casinos based in Australia founded before 2001, but the lone company in that situation (Lasseters Online) has gone out of business since that time.

The key part of the law as far as Australian players go is that it did not make it illegal for the players to take part in real money gaming online. This is similar to the way the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act left players alone in the US, but the American law also put the squeeze on payment processors and banks. The Interactive Gambling Act has no such provisions, making it much easier for Australian citizens to make deposits and withdrawals than their American counterparts.

The result is that many online casinos do take Australian players, as they don't believe they will be subject to any legal action. This could change in the future as the Australian government continues to explore regulating online gambling for itself, at which time it's possible that only government-sanctioned sites would be available for play Down Under. Until then, Aussies can and do play at online casinos based in many different parts of the world.

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